Using cutting-edge technology ENData will ensure that your pain points are eased by reducing your claims costs and increasing your customer satisfaction.


With its modern architecture and expert engineering our unique, completely transparent, streamlined system, drives cost saving benefits throughout the life of the claim and provides you with live meaningful data.


ENData enhances your legacy system. Claims data can be transferred between any existing claims system and the ENData platform.

About ENData

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Who are ENData

ENData Pty Ltd offers customised insurance solutions in the claims management, supplier allocation and supply chain management market segments. Through this experience ENData have built strong relationships with suppliers and insurance partners alike. ENData’ s value and point of difference is in technical competency matched with access to a high performing supply chain in all states of Australia with metropolitan, regional and remote coverage. Adhering to KPI’s and managing the performance of suppliers are key to successful claims management. ENData understand the role of the supply chain within the claims area and have a proven track record in cost savings and claim life reduction for clients. The team are based in Brisbane and work around the clock to meet national and global client’s needs. ENData was founded in 2009 and is privately held.

How we work

Always add value
Enhance process efficiencies
Effectively control cost
Remain transparent
Be innovative
Provide a line of sight

Our vision

To provide innovative solutions to the insurance industry globally

Our mission

Endata are committed to delivering a world class product which offers efficiency, support and value for our clients

The ENData Platform
a sustainable web based tool


Reduce touchpoints and administrative functions required in day to day management of workload and tasks predominantly in supplier allocation and management.


Allows users to create working relationships with suppliers that are flexible and easily customisable. The ability to control costs whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction with reduced claim life and timely touchpoint management.


Scope review
Audit function
Specialist provider allocation and management
Building panel management
Restoration and contents allocation
Building repair advice and site attendance
Standard Industry Rates Comparison
Catastrophe Response


As part of the platform delivery, the supply chain function can be customised to allow for implementation of a set panel of suppliers including percentage allocations or alternatively ENData can supply a full functioning supply chain including performance management.


Data is accessible through on demand reporting functions, also offer a B2B solution in which data from legacy systems can be integrated into new platforms seamlessly.

A Range of Pre and Post Repair Functions

To increase value for our Insurance clients, ENData also offer a range of pre and post repair functions.

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